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Welcome to Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders (TAMCAR)

TAMCAR is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the Municipal Clerk. TAMCAR encourages clerks to continue their professional growth and development through continuing educational opportunities.

TAMCAR conducts education Institutes and Academies twice annually in the spring and fall.  Dana Deem, Management Consultant with The University of Tennessee, is the Institute Director for TAMCAR.

During its spring and fall Institute/Academy sessions, TAMCAR assists clerks with personal and professional development through a curriculum that concentrates on public administration, social and interpersonal skill enhancement, and current issue sessions. Completion of these education sessions results in points needed to receive state certification through the Tennessee Secretary of State's Office.

TAMCAR Volunteers
TAMCAR Volunteers

TAMCAR is very proud to be a part of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).

IIMC offers additional certification opportunities for clerks to become Certified Municipal Clerks (CMC) and Master Municipal Clerks (MMC). Those who attend TAMCAR Institute/Academy sessions receive education points counting toward their CMC or MMC designation. TAMCAR encourages all of its members to become members of IIMC in order to further develop their professional growth opportunities.

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